Gymnast “Up In Arms”

Girl, Boy, Synth, Cello, Guitar, Beats!

Gymnast from Manchester released a new single from their Debut Album coming out September 26th, and it immediately became one of our favorites here at NovelNoise.  “Up In Arms” features the emotional sound of cellos and in your face vocals that are sweet as can be.

Third Eye Vibe ” Never Too Far” Kordell ft. T-Up

This track immediately touched everybody here at NovelNoise and once we were told the story behind producing it, it was even more emotional.

Kordell and T-Up made this song to pay tribute to two kids that were tragically killed in our area. The track is produced by SeanLuke

Kordell is an up and coming indie hiphop artist. He is apart of ThirdEyeVibe. He will be releasing a new project this fall entitled “Sophomore Slump”.

Goodbye Stranger “Magnolia”

Somewhere between synthetic and real. Goodbye Stranger is no stranger to us here at NovelNoise and their new single really caught our attention.

“This is a floaty one we wrote whilst we were high on glue. At the time we thought we wrote it with John Lennon, but instead we were in prison. We made it ourselves – good to listen to whilst drinking pimms and eating rhubarb and custard”

Candy Darling “Money”

A three piece Band (Candy Darling) from Bristol influenced by The Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide and Fever Ray. This is an interesting track yet very entertaining to listen to. Highly influenced by a lot of distortion guitars and distorted vocals, this track is surely one of our favorites here at NovelNoise.

Money is the problem and the solution.


Haywyre “Everchanging”

Always Changing, always re-arranging. Haywyre’s passion for music is absolutely admirable. For musicians, the only way to express their emotions would be through music and the sounding of the instruments. That is their only weapon in fighting the everyday battle. Here at NovelNoise, we are very proud to post the new single by Haywyre “Everchanging”  in an effort to help lift some of those barriers that avoid many musicians in expressing their thoughts and feelings through music. We can do this by purchasing the song for donations towards the VH1 SAVE THE MUSIC FOUNDATION, because at the end of it all, music is the only thing that will remain.

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Black Honey “Teenager” (Demo)

NovelNoise is all about good music from all genres. Here is a sweet song that we truly enjoy listening to and love the concept. Teenage years go by so quick that we forget to enjoy our journey through adulthood, but maybe BLACKHONEY can bring back some of those memories. It is never to late to start living again.

Disclosure – Latch (TEEMID X Daniela Andrade Edition)

Let’s all latch on to this track. Here at NovelNoise, we were all a bit skeptical when we heard about Daniela Andrade’s Cover of the mega hit “Latch” by Sam Smith given that Sam Smith is an amazing vocalist, but oh man did she do that song justice!Not Only that, she made the song her own with her miraculous vocals and harmonies. Of course this could not have been done without the sweet touch and talent of TEEMID, a French Producer that has gradually become one of our favorites here at NovelNoise. The collaboration of the two of them is just MAGICAL!

HONNE “warm on a cold night”

Oh man! Vocals Vocals Vocals and more Vocals. “Warm on a cold night” The title says it all. It’s a fresh start, fresh listen and fresh harmonies. HONNE has a a brilliant song on their hand and i am so excited to share it with you guys. The song has a mysterious feel to it and that is what immediately caught my attention, and oh the harmonies on the chorus are so tight and sweet. Enjoy this track everyone.


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