1UPYO – 02 Enigma feat. Schiavone Mcgee

1UPYO – The virtual time-travelling rock band – blends the musical talents of a diverse group of musicians. Since releasing their EP in 2013, 1upyo has grown into a collective of like minded artists who share the band’s vision and mission to positively influence the universe.

Featuring an unconventional drum line, indie rock guitar, and passionate vocals; Enigma progresses the album’s concept, with lyrics that clearly lead the listener to examine the nature of time.

Gymnast “Up In Arms”

Girl, Boy, Synth, Cello, Guitar, Beats!

Gymnast from Manchester released a new single from their Debut Album coming out September 26th, and it immediately became one of our favorites here at NovelNoise.  “Up In Arms” features the emotional sound of cellos and in your face vocals that are sweet as can be.

Third Eye Vibe ” Never Too Far” Kordell ft. T-Up

This track immediately touched everybody here at NovelNoise and once we were told the story behind producing it, it was even more emotional.

Kordell and T-Up made this song to pay tribute to two kids that were tragically killed in our area. The track is produced by SeanLuke

Kordell is an up and coming indie hiphop artist. He is apart of ThirdEyeVibe. He will be releasing a new project this fall entitled “Sophomore Slump”.


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